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Our New Website



Directed Media understands the importance of having information and services available to our customers online. For this reason, we have developed a new website for our customers that is user friendly and interactive, packed full of information. Not only have we completely overhauled our website, but we now offer items for sale through our online e-commerce platform. It is now easier than ever to order books from Directed Media. Visitors may now purchase products on our website, or you may still order via phone, fax, email and mail. Ordering by submitting an order form is the best option for those educators who still need to be invoiced and plan to order 10 or more copies of a product.  For educators, we strongly urge you to order using our Order Form

With the unveiling of our new website comes excitement, but we also know that issues might arise. Please do not hesitate to contact Directed Media and let us know if you are experiencing a problem with the website, ordering, or contacting us. We want your feedback on our website and we hope that your visit is a good one.  

Directed Media is also in the process of developing an online Database of Resources and Links for educators to access and use in their classrooms. Our goal is to provide a more interactive and informative website for educators to explore. Part of making our website more interactive will be Directed Media's blog.

Our Blog will also be specifically designed to update teachers on news, teaching strategies, resources and advice on the best way to use our products in the classroom. We encourage our customers from around the Pacific Northwest to check back regularly for updates. Please feel free to browse our entries when they become available.


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