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Pacific Northwest History Textbooks

Pacific Northwest History Textbooks


  • Directed Media publishes textbooks specifically designed for Pacific Northwest history at the secondary level.


  • These textbooks cover in detail the individual stories of Washington, Idaho and Oregon and the Pacific Northwest region as a whole. The textbook, The Pacific Northwest: Past, Present and Future is for secondary education and is appropriate for 7th through 12th grade. The following is a list of related products to complement this textbook:
    • Digital Textbook (Compact Disk/CD)
    • Textbook Combo Package (Textbook and Digital Book) 
    • Instructional Resource Packet/Teachers Manual (3-Ring Binder)
    • Digital Teachers Manual (Compact Disk/CD)
    • Teachers Manual Combo Package (Teachers Manual and Digital Manual)
    • Student Desk Map (Laminated)


  • All five editions of the textbook, The Pacific Northwest: Past, Present and Future have been a staple in classrooms across the states of Washington, Idaho and Oregon since 1979. The textbook and its many editions are being used by private schools, public schools, home schools, and online education across our state and the region. 



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