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Washington: A State of Contrasts, second edition is still Directed Media Inc.'s top selling textbook for the 5th straight year.

The Washington: A State of Contrasts, second edition textbook is more than an updated version of a best selling product. Rather, it is a complete re-imagining of the work to meet the demanding standards of the twenty-first century classroom. Whereas our first edition approached the history, geography, economy, and politics of Washington from a thematic viewpoint, the second edition takes a chronological approach focusing on the people of Washington.

The primary objective is to describe the diverse people who live in Washington, where they came from and why, their contributions to our society and culture, and the contemporary activities in which they participate. As a result of this approach, a comprehensive picture of Washington emerges; one that appreciates the historical contributions of all peoples, accurately explains contemporary social, cultural, economic, and political activities, and provides proper context for Washington’s role in the larger American and global community.

The second edition consists of 13 chapters, discussed in chronological order. It is written at a level appropriate for 7th -12th grade secondary students. To facilitate student comprehension, the layout of the book was designed to be more interactive. Thus new vignettes, color photographs, illustrations, diagrams, maps, and artwork were added.

The free flowing layout engages student curiosity and supports the text. Overall, the changes have resulted in a superior product that meets and exceeds the Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs). Furthermore, Directed Media Inc. consciously responds to feedback received from educators across the state.


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