Washington: Our Land, Nuestra Tierra

Washington: Our Land, Nuestra Tierra


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Word of McReynolds’ bilingual curriculum spread quickly after an official from OSPI visited her classroom and witnessed her materials firsthand. Soon after, she was approached by the Office of Secondary Education for Migrant Youth and asked to serve on a committee to develop material for a new Washington State history course for the Portable Assisted Study Sequence (PASS) program. With a nod of approval from the committee and OSPI, McReynolds’ materials were shared with bilingual teachers statewide before final revisions were made.

McReynolds incorporated the feedback by setting readability at the 7th to 8th grade level and by deliberately placing the languages side-by-side within the text. The new layout would enhance understanding by allowing students to look back-and-forth between the two languages. In 2002, Washington: Our Land, Nuestra Tierra was published by Directed Media. The textbook and accompanying Teachers Manual satisfy the Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) established by the State Board of Education.  


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  • Product:  Book (Textbook/Student Edition)
  • Title:  Washington: Our Land, Nuestra Tierra (ESL - English/Spanish)
  • Author:  Sarita McReynolds
  • ISBN 10:  0-939688-54-9 
  • ISBN 13:  978-0-939688-54-8
  • Publisher:  Directed Media Inc.
  • Publication Date:  2002
  • Edition:  First
  • Printed:  United States of America
  • Material:  Softbound  
  • Size:  8.5" (w) x 11.0" (h) x 0.3" (d)
  • Weight:  1.0 lbs.
  • Format:  Black and White
  • Number of Pages:  101 Pages; 10 Chapters
  • Age Level:  Secondary (7th-12th Grade) Resource Materials for ESL or Sheltered Program