Clark, Kayme

Kayme A. Clark is a professional photographer, production manager, and editorial designer from Wenatchee, Washington.  

In 2003 Ms Clark graduated cum laude from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington and attained two Bachelor of Arts degrees, a B.A. in History and a B.A. in Geography. As an undergraduate, the National Science Foundation awarded Ms. Clark a grant to photograph, research, and document environmental conditions and economic development in Shanghai and Xiamen, China. Her work was subsequently presented at a national conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

In 2005, Ms. Clark began working for Directed Media Inc. as a photographer and book editor. By 2006, she was art director for the company and managed production and design for The Pacific Northwest: Past, Present & Future, 5th Edition and in 2008, Washington: A State of Contrasts, 2nd Edition plus the accompanying teacher's materials and digital materials for both textbooks. For over fifteen years, Ms. Clark has worked as an editor, art director, production manager, graphic designer, website designer and professional photographer for the company.  

Ms. Clark’s background in geography and history has given her invaluable insights into producing informative and innovative layouts for educational books, which have been published by Directed Media Inc. and have been used by schools across the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Her keen sense of design produces page layouts, spreads, maps, graphics, and vignettes that not only engage readers, but also accurately and insightfully illustrate important historical, cultural, geographic, and geologic concepts. 

As a travel and nature photographer, Ms. Clark specializes in photographing historic, cultural, and natural landscapes. Her work showcases some of the most important natural and historic wonders from around the world, many of which are in need of continual preservation. It has been a lifelong goal to help preserve these incredibly fragile sites. Her photography expeditions have taken her to over twenty-five countries and she has explored North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Oceania. Although travel and nature photography are her main focus, Ms. Clark has begun to incorporate wildlife, professional sporting events and commercial/product photography into her portfolio. Ms. Clark has received many notable honors and her work has been featured in numerous editorial publications.

When not working, Ms. Clark enjoys planning her next adventure, immersing herself in nature, gardening, cooking, interior decorating, reading and spending time with her family. If you are interested in viewing her work, licensing images for editorial use or need a freelance photographer or designer for a project, please visit her website



The Pacific Northwest: Past, Present and Future, 5th Edition

The Pacific Northwest: Past, Present and Future - Instructional Resource Packet, 5th Edition

Washington: A State of Contrasts, 2nd Edition

Washington: A State of Contrasts - Teacher's Manual, 2nd Edition