Daniels, Wilton

Wilton Daniels has been a Washington resident since 1978. He is editor of Leavenworth - A ChronicleLake Chelan - A Chronicle, and Wenatchee - A Chronicle and has an anthology of poetry and prose titled Baroque, North Aside the Sun (July 1989) which are published in chapbook format. Included is "The Story of Hur" which is currently being scripted for film. Wil lives in Wenatchee, Washington and is writing a stage production titled "The Death of An American Hero." His next project involving Washington is set in Grays Harbor. Ten years ago, while visiting Pat Hogan in Hogan's Corner, Washington, he heard the legend of "The Wild Man of the Oxbow" from story tellers Bill McKinney and Billy Stutesman and is collaborating with Nancy McKinney on Turnow!.



Leavenworth - A Chronicle of the Bavarian Village

Lake Chelan - A Chronicle of the Northwest Resort