Marvelous Maddie - Seasons in Mokiville (Music CD)
Marvelous Maddie - Seasons in Mokiville (Music CD)

Marvelous Maddie - Seasons in Mokiville (Music CD)


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Music CD

Marvelous Maddie: Seasons in Mokiville music CD is a perfect sing-a-long disk to accompany the children's book, Marvelous Maddie: Seasons in Mokiville by Corinne Tyler Isaak, Karen Cooper and Don Nutt, which is part of the Á La Country Boulevard series for kids.

Product Details  

  • Product:  Audio CD (Music)
  • Title:  Marvelous Maddie: Seasons in Mokiville
  • Label:  Jungle Room Productions
  • ISBN 10:  0939688956
  • ISBN 13:  9780939688951
  • Publisher:  Directed Media Inc.
  • Release Date:  2004
  • Printed:  United States of America 
  • Size:  5.5" (w) x 4.9" (h) x 0.4" (d)
  • Weight:  0.04 lbs.
  • Age Level:  Young Children 
  • Format:  Compact Disk (CD)
  • Number of Disks:  1
  • Number of Tracks:  15
1. Seasons In Mokiville - 4:40
2. Rhoda - 2:41
3. Marvelous Maddie - 2:54
4. Happy, Happy, Birthday - 3:45
5. Calendar Curtsy - 2:50
6. Remember the Days - 3:09
7. Fancy Words - 1:22
8. Marvelous Maddie Poem - 0:57
9. Seasons in Mokiville Story - 4:52
10. Seasons in Mokiville - 4:14
11. Rhoda - Karaoke - 2:42
12. Marvelous Maddie - Karaoke - 2:55
13. Happy, Happy, Birthday - Karaoke - 3:46
14. Calendar Curtsy - Karaoke - 2:50
15. Remember the Days - Karaoke - 3:08   



The second book in the Á La Country Boulevard series, celebrates the seasons by frolicking through the months with sophistication and style in this richly illustrated book with its elegant rhymes. Maddie is marvelous, stylish and charming too! Journey through the months and seasons as Maddie, the older sister, elegantly guides the young reader through the year along with her younger siblings.

In Marvelous Maddie, Corinne, Karen and Don allow us to look at the world through the fresh, wide-eyed innocence reminiscent of the Little House era, but with a dash of sophistication and an international flair. "Charming illustrations accompany a vivid text that is pure fun and yet teaches a magical combination," writes Michael Landon, Jr., writer and director. 

Do you love animals? So does Maddie! Find out what special pet she shows at the Mokiville Fair. Whether celebrating a special birthday, dancing in the rain, riding her prancing pony in the parade, or star is never dull for Maddie and her friends and family down Á La Country Boulevard. There is always something fun happening every month. Soon, you will agree, Maddie is truly Marvelous!