Elegant Wine Cocktails
Elegant Wine Cocktails

Elegant Wine Cocktails

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So begins Tommy Murphy's fascinating tour of the world of wine - a world that now includes America's favorite cocktails blended with the wines of the world: Angel's Breath, Bloody Mary, Orange Blossom, Pina Colada - they are all here. 111 delicious recipes (in full color) accompanied by brilliant color photographs. The growing popularity of wine for wine's sake, and as a substitute for "hard" liquor, make this book an indispensable must for the back bar in a cocktail lounge and the home bookshelf, too. Murphy includes a glossary of wine terms, a brief encapsulation of the U.S. wine industry, sections on Reading Labels, Wine Tasting, How to Serve Wine, A Calorie Counter, Bar Tips and barrels more.

It all adds up to a book long overdue. It solves the mystery of wine but preserves the mystique. The recipes contain simple mixing instructions for common ingredients available at supermarkets and liquor stores everywhere. Each recipe is lavishly illustrated in beautiful color, complete with garnishes and serving options. Murphy does not place "wine consumption under a cerebral microscope...dissect its pros and cons, moralistically or physiologically. Common sense dictates that in the consumption of any alcoholic beverage, moderation is the first, last and ONLY commandment." Elegant Wine Cocktails is the complete wine cocktail guide.

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  • Product:  Book
  • Title:  Elegant Wine Cocktails
  • Author:  Tommy Murphy
  • ISBN 10:  0-939688-09-3 (hard cover with jacket)
  • ISBN 10:  0-939688-10-7 (soft cover)
  • ISBN 10:   0-939688-11-5 (spiral bound)
  • Publisher:  Directed Media Inc.
  • Publication Date:  1984
  • Edition:  First
  • Printed:  United States of America
  • Material:  Hardcover
  • Size:  4.3" (w) x 7.3" (h) x 0.8" (d)
  • Weight:  0.9 lbs.
  • Format:  Color 
  • Number of Pages:  253
  • Age Level:  Adult