Washington: A State of Contrasts - Teachers Manual Combo Package (2nd Edition)

Washington: A State of Contrasts - Teachers Manual Combo Package (2nd Edition)

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The Combo Package includes one printed Washington: A State of Contrasts, 2nd Edition - Teachers Manual and one digital manual on a compact disk/cd or digital download. The digital media version is an exact replica of the information provided in the printed manual. The following descriptions below provide further explanation for the two products in the combo package:


1.  Teachers Manual (Spiral Binder)

The manual is compiled into one 3-ring binder. The product is in a binder instead of the traditional hard bound method for ease of use, functionality and it allows Directed Media to include innumerable supplements for instructors.

With a binder, users can quickly access supplements and remove individual pages to make copies for their students. The spiral format also gives instructors the ability to individualize their manuals to fit their specific teaching needs, such as adding their own content and assessments to the manual.   

2.  Digital Teachers Manual 

By purchasing the digital manual, instructors can then personalize and adjust lesson plans, assessments, exams, activities, maps and charts; among having access to numerous other features. All teaching aids and supplements in the digital manual are printable. 

The digital manual is available to educators on compact disk/cd only, unless permission is granted by the publisher for access to digital downloads with a specially assigned per student licensing agreement.  

The Teacher's Manual Content

The Washington: A State of Contrasts - Teachers Manual (2nd Edition) is a one-stop educational shopping center. This manual provides the instructor, no matter his or her experience level, with a quick, well organized reference guide to make their teaching more effective and efficient.

The manual will assist each teacher in four ways, these include: incorporation of a scope and sequence, chapter rationale, summary, and learning objectives that help the teacher organize and prepare their classroom instructional plans for implementation.

It also provides a variety of suggested instructional ideas to most effectively and efficiently convey the fundamental concepts, ideas, themes, individuals, and events contained within each chapter. Provide assessment tools with comprehensive answers to each and every student task, albeit the Chapter Review Activities and Chapter Exams. The suggested classroom activities and student assessments will be an accurate barometer of the students' level of understanding and academic achievement.

Product Details  

  • Product:  Combo Package (1 - Teachers Manual; 1 - CD-Rom Manual) Title:  Washington: A State of Contrasts - Teachers Manual
  • Authors:  Dale A. Lambert and Dustin W. Clark
  • ISBN 10:  0-939688-90-5
  • ISBN 13:  978-0-939688-90-6
  • Publisher:  Directed Media Inc.
  • Publication Date: 2009, 2010
  • Edition:  Second
  • Printed: United States of America
  • Material:  2 (3-Ring Binders); 1 - Compact Disk (CD) or Digital Download
  • Binder Size: 11.5" (w) x 11.5" (h) x 2.5" (d)
  • Page Size:  8.5" (w) x 11.0" (h) Reproducible Pages
  • Weight:  12.0 lbs. (Part I - 6.5 lbs. and Part II - 5.5 lbs.); 0.04 lbs. (CD)
  • Format:  Color with Black and White; Digital Media
  • Number of Pages:  1,197
  • Age Level:  Secondary (7th-12th Grade) - Instructional Resource Materials for Secondary Teachers   

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