The Pacific Northwest: Past, Present and Future (4th Edition)

The Pacific Northwest: Past, Present and Future (4th Edition)

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The Pacific Northwest: Past, Present and Future, Fourth Edition is a revision of the top selling Third Edition. The book is organized into seven units with 24 chapters followed by the Glossary and Index. The seven units include

  • Unit One: The Region’s Physical Environment
  • Unit Two: Early Human History
  • Unit Three: 19th Century Settlement
  • Unit Four: A Century of Socio-Economic Progress
  • Unit Five: The People
  • Unit Six: The Region’s Economy
  • Unit Seven: Forecasting the Future 

The scope of the book is regional and therefore quite broad. Discussion of events, people, and concepts is limited to the subject's overall impact upon the region as a whole. This fourth edition continues to provide the big picture of the PNW region with enough informational data, background, and analysis to stimulate interest in local history.  

Chapter Keys

Each chapter begins with a bulleted list of key items discussed in that particular chapter.  

Student Activities

Student activities conclude each chapter except Chapter 23 - Recreation and Tourism and Chapter 24 - Current Issues and Possible Solutions

The student activities have three basic parts:

A. Developing Vocabulary Skills - important basic and enrichment terms

B. Developing Map Skills - use and interpretation of maps

C. Understanding Concepts - student questions stressing the central ideas within the chapter.

The activities are designed to increase the student's depth of understanding, expand the learning experience, and challenge the capable student to see the Pacific Northwest's relationship with the rest of the nation and the world.  


The book contains 60 maps and hundreds of historic photographs, supplements, diagrams, climatographs, artist depictions, timelines, vignettes, and charts. The vignettes emphasize some human aspect or discuss a topic in greater depth. The history chapters begin with a complete chronological sequence of major events noted in the timeline. Statistical and informational charts provide instant reference for the reader without having to seek the information elsewhere. In all cases the most recent data available was used.  


The maps are appropriately dispersed throughout the text. The reader will appreciate the proximity of the maps to the narrative discussion of the topic. Each end-of-chapter activity includes a series of map interpretations. The maps help with spatial understanding for the reader.   

Product Details 

  • Product:  Book (Textbook/Student Edition)
  • Title:  The Pacific Northwest: Past, Present and Future
  • Author:  Dale A. Lambert
  • ISBN 10:  0-939688-38-7
  • ISBN 13:  978-0-939688-40-1
  • Publisher:  Directed Media Inc.
  • Publication Date:  1998
  • Edition:  Fourth
  • Printed:  United States of America
  • Material:  Hardbound
  • Size:  8.5" (w) x 11.0" (h) x 1.0" (d)
  • Weight:  3.2 lbs.
  • Format:  Color and Black and White Photographs
  • Number of Pages:  474
  • Age Level:  Secondary (9th-12th Grade)  

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