Unique Monique - Moki Time (Book)
Unique Monique - Moki Time (Book)
Unique Monique - Moki Time (Book)
Unique Monique - Moki Time (Book)
Unique Monique - Moki Time (Book)
Unique Monique - Moki Time (Book)

Unique Monique - Moki Time (Book)

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The first book of the Á La Country Boulevard series written by Corinne Isaak and Karen Cooper with vivid color illustrations by award winning artist, Don Nutt, introduces Monique, or Moki.

Monique is ohhh so unique! She is the imaginative middle child, tucked between Maddie and Mac. With her cowlicky hair Moki loves to dress up in frocks á la flair and interject fancy French words into her eloquent rhyme. She loves to put her address to song and create Mokester Band Blues in the barn loft with Prince Parker, the guard of Mokiville, and elegant Queen Phoebe the royal feline.

Moki teaches children about time with an illustrated clock that marks the hours in Moki's day throughout the book. "Never has telling time been as much fun...” comments The Bookery, while librarian, Kathy Sanderlin observes "...with its captivating teaching techniques and heartwarming illustrations...Moki Time will be loved by young readers...an elegant children's story.” Shirley Rae Maes, News & Standard Publisher believes this book is a delight to the senses. "The bright and imaginative illustrations, along with the musical lyrics, make this book a must for the young and young at heart.”

We, at DMI, encourage the young reader to open this book and discover Moki's favorite letter, the treasure that's with her wherever she goes, and all the magic of Moki Time. It's a terrific book children don't want to put back on the shelf.  The accompanying CD is icing on the cake. Young readers return to this book again and again. 


Product Details  

  • Product Type:  Book
  • Title:  Unique Monique - Moki Time
  • Authors:  Corinne Tyler Isaak and Karen A. Cooper
  • Illustrator: Don Nutt 
  • ISBN 10:  0972272909
  • ISBN 13:  9780972272902
  • Publisher:  Moki Time, LLC
  • Distributor: Directed Media, Inc.
  • Publication Date:  2002
  • Edition:  First
  • Printed:  United States of America
  • Size:  9.7" (w) x 10.0" (h) x  0.5" (d)
  • Weight:  1.0 lbs.
  • Material:  Hardcover
  • Format:  Color
  • Number of Pages:  32 pages with 20 illustrations 
  • Age Level:  4+