Washington: A State of Contrasts CD-ROM (1st Edition)
Washington: A State of Contrasts CD-ROM (1st Edition)

Washington: A State of Contrasts CD-ROM (1st Edition)

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The textbook, Washington: A State of Contrasts, 1st Edition is available on CD-ROM. You will not only find the entire textbook in pdf format but nearly 50 Quicktime historic movies, sound clips, or slide shows.

These provide an incredible array of resources at your fingertips. These bonus historic clips include: Alternate Energy, Washington Apple Industry, John Jacob Astor, Barlow Road, How a Bill Becomes a Law, Blake Island, Blossom Time, Boeing Company, BPA, Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington, Cascade Mountains, CCC, Celilo Falls, Columbia River, Dry Falls, Depression, Economic Activities in Washington, Explorers, Boeing Flight Museum, Glaciers, Grand Coulee, Harvest Time, Hydroelectricity, Intertie – JFK in Washington, Irrigation, Thomas Jefferson – Lewis & Clark Expedition, Joint Occupation, Lumber Depression, Maryhill Museum, John McLoughlin, Olympia, Olympic National Park – FDR, Oregon Trail, Peter Iredale, Post War, Mount Rainier, Rainforest, Rainshadow, Seattle, Sorting Apples, Spokane, Mount St. Helens, South Pass through the Rockies, Third Power House @ Grand Coulee Dam, Waiilatpu Mission, Whitmans, Willapa, Waste to Energy Plant, World War II and Hanford.

Most text in the textbook has been marked so that the user may simply click on a paragraph or column in order to zoom in and be able to read. Once inside an article, clicking will take you to the next portion of text and a flashing arrow will indicate where to begin reading again. There are hundreds of key words highlighted in red linked to specific internet resources regarding that specific topic. Words highlighted in blue are linked to Quicktime movie clips.  Pictures and graphics have links to movies, sound clips, or slide shows throughout the textbook on CD-ROM. As the mouse passes over those linked items the cursor will change either to a finger (internet link) or movie film icon (movie, sound, or slide show). These three links will provide additional materials and footage to the user about a specific subject as well.  The 'Find Tool', displayed as a pair of binoculars in the toolbar, may be used to find any word or phrase within the book. After searching for a word, command-G will search for the next occurrence of the same word. As a last resort, remember that online help for the Acrobat Reader is always available by pressing Command-? or simply open the Help.pdf files in the same folder as your copy of the reader. 

    System Requirements

    A certain amount of hardware is required for adequate performance when viewing the CD-ROM's text and video. Windows* Intel Pentium processor* Microsoft Windows 95 OSR 2.0, Windows 98 SE, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5, Windows 2000, or Windows XP* 64MB of RAM* 24MB of available hard-disk space* Additional 70MB of hard-disk space for Asian fonts (optional) Macintosh* PowerPC processor* Mac OS 8.6*, 9.0.4, 9.1, or Mac OS X** 64MB of RAM* 24MB of available hard-disk space* Additional 70MB of hard-disk space for Asian fonts (optional)* Some features may not be available. IBM-AIX* IBM AIX(r) 4.3.3, 5.1* 64 MB of available RAM minimum, 128MB recommended* 67 MB of available hard disk space HP-UX* HP-UX 10.2, 11.0* 64MB of available RAM minimum, 128MB recommended* 50MB of available hard disk space Linux * Linux(r) 2.2 kernel on X86 computer * 64MB of available RAM* 26MB of available hard-disk space Sun Solaris - SPARC* Sun(tm) Solaris(tm) 2.6, 7, and 8 supported on SPARC(r) and UltraSPARC(r) computers* 64MB of available RAM* 26MB of available hard-disk space AutoRun Feature PCs with Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP:

    This CD-ROM takes advantage of the Windows AutoRun feature. The first time you insert the disc, Windows will try to open the Washington: A State of Contrasts CD-ROM with Acrobat Reader but will be unable to find the necessary software. Subsequent insertions of the CD-ROM should bring up the cover of the book immediately. Adobe Acrobat Reader and Quicktime Software Your computer will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Quicktime installed on your machine prior to using the CD-ROM. If you do not have Acrobat Reader it may be downloaded from Adobe's web site at https://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html. If you do not have Quicktime you may download a free copy from Apple's web site athttp://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/  

    Viewing the CD-ROM Contents After installing the Reader software, you may begin viewing the textbook by following the appropriate steps for your particular computer: Double-click on the "Opening.pdf" file to launch the reader software and begin viewing the textbook. Once the cover of Washington: A State of Contrasts has been displayed, click anywhere on the cover to proceed to the main navigation screen.  

    Using Acrobat Reader Acrobat Reader makes browsing and reading the textbook easy and enjoyable. With knowledge of a few tools and buttons, users should be well on their way to using the product to its fullest potential. In this section, we will outline the tools available through the toolbar (across the top of the screen).  

    Views Full view — in this display mode, just the book is shown. This is the default view and allows the user to see as much of the page as is possible. Bookmark view — in this mode, both the book and a list of pre-defined bookmarks are displayed onscreen. The user may go to any portion of the chapter by simply clicking on a listed bookmark. Thumbnail view — this displays miniature views of each page and allows the user to click on any previewed page to go directly to that location.   Page Tools Hand tool — this tool allows the user to physically drag the page around on screen in order to view other portions. Magnification tools — these allow for zooming in or out on a specific portion of the page. Holding down the option key while clicking performs the opposite function. Select text tool — this allows the user to highlight text to be copied and pasted into other documents. A 'Select graphics' tool is available as well from the Tools menu in the menu bar.   Navigation Tools These tools move the user through the book in a variety of ways. Each has a keyboard shortcut to make movement through the text easier and more convenient. They are, in order: go to first page of file (the 'Home' key, on extended keyboards only); previous page (the up or left arrow keys); next page (the down or right arrow keys); and go to the last page of file (the 'End' key). In addition, the 'page up' and 'page down' keys may be used to navigate — they either display more of the current page or turn to another page, depending on your current location on the page.   History Tools These buttons allow the reader to move backward or forward following their previously taken path. 

    Product Details  

    • Product:  Digital Book (Textbook/Student Edition) 
    • Title:  Washington: A State of Contrasts
    • Author:  Dale A. Lambert 
    • ISBN 10:  0939688816
    • ISBN 13:  9780939688814
    • Publisher:  Directed Media Inc.
    • Publication Date:  2002
    • Edition:  First
    • Printed:  United States of America
    • Material:  Compact Disk/CD
    • Size:  5.5" x 4.75" x 0.25"
    • Weight:  0.04 lbs.
    • Format:  Digital Media; Color with Black and White Photographs
    • Age Level:  Secondary (7th-12th Grade)

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